The Biggest Myths Surrounding iPhone 6S Plus Unlocking

unlockiphoneden.comWhen you have an iPhone that is locked to specific network providers, you don’t have the freedom to choose your network operator. This means that even if you have been a loyal customer to a carrier, you have to change your network provider to get an iPhone 6+. Apple sells factory unlocked phones for those who want to enjoy true freedom. However, you have to pay the price in full and some additional charges for factory unlocked phones. Instead of spending a lot of money on an unlocked phone, you can purchase a locked phone and use a reliable factory unlocking method to unlock any iPhone 6S.

If you are still wondering how to unlock using a factory method, you should know that this method is the only safest and most trusted method for unlocking all models and 9.1 iOS firmware. This method will work even for the latest iPhone 6 even if you have just purchased it.

  1. Warranty is not voided – The iPhone 6plus unlocking method should not void the warranty of your phone. Without warranty, you have to pay the full price for all iPhone repair services. A few changes to the hardware or software of the phone will void its warranty and that is the case with other unlocking methods. When you unlock iPhone 6S using factory unlocking method, the warranty of your iPhone will stay intact. You can easily take the phone to the Apple store for prompt repair service for future repairs. You should also note that merely unlocking your phone will not damage the phone in any way.
  2. Unlock complete in a few hours – When you choose a reliable unlocking provider, you can unlock the iPhone 6S+ in just a few hours. Usually, it won’t take more than 24 hours to unlock your phone because the third party service providers only have to add your IMEI number to the list of unlocked phones maintained by Apple. Sometimes, the process can take up to 48 hours. With a reputable service provider, you can get your phone unlocked on the same day.
  3. No change needs to be done – Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can still unlock your phone easily as you don’t have to make any changes to your phone. You don’t have to install any software or app for the unlock to work like cydia or iphone repo. Simply provide the IMEI number to the unlocking provider and wait for the message. After you receive the message that your phone is unlocked, you have to restore your phone using iTunes for the unlock to work.
  4. Works in all countries – The factory unlocking method is the only true way to unlock iPhone 6S plus so that it works with all GSM operators all over the world. Local unlocking method will only provide carrier unlock, which will relock your phone when you travel to another country. A factory unlocked phone will stay unlocked in all countries, allowing you to use any local SIM card for as long as you want.