Thinking about jailbreaking instead of unlocking? Think again!

If you have an unlocked iPhone then you are fortunate as you could use it with a service provider of your choice.  But if you had purchased your iPhone from a carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon then it would be locked to that particular carrier. So you cannot straight away change your carrier all by yourself. For this, you would need your phone to be unlocked first. This is not the same as jailbreaking. To understand how to unlock your iPhone, you need to understand the major differences between jailbreaking and unlocking.

Jailbreaking vs. factory iPhone unlocking:

In jailbreaking, you access the files by modifying the firmware. There is still no clear answer to whether jailbreaking is entirely legal as the manufacturers generally do not support jailbreaking of the phones. Unlocking your iPhone would just mean that you get your phone’s IMEI removed from the carrier’s database, get Apple to add your phone to the unlocked phones’ database and thus make it open to be used with a different carrier.

The pros and cons of jailbreaking:

  • Jailbreaking your phone would allow you to install a number of unsupported apps and also allows you to modify the entire customization process
  • You can also unlock your iPhone by jailbreaking it and thus easily switch to a different carrier.
  • But the main disadvantage is that jailbreaking your iPhone makes your phone’s warranty void.
  • When it comes to unlocking your iPhone, the much safer option is factory unlocking of the phone.

How to unlock your iPhone?

Bought a new phone and not sure how to unlock your iPhone to change the carrier? There was a time when you could simply enter an unlocking code and follow a set of predefined steps to unlock an iPhone. But with tighter mobile security measures, the process is a little different. Factory iPhone unlocking is done in 2 ways- software or hardware unlock. In most cases, the software method is a much safer alternative. iPhone 7 unlocking or unlocking any other version of iPhone has never been easier. Choose the right factory iPhone unlocking service company to get a hassle free carrier change for your iPhone. Besides letting you use your iPhone with a service provider of your choice, an unlocked iPhone also has a better value when you decide to resell it.

Here is how to unlock your iPhone with the help of a factory I.M.E.I unlocking company:

  • You would have to select your mobile model and furnish the IMEI number of you mobile. Also provide the details of the current default carrier with which your mobile is locked.
  • The company would then send your iPhone’s details directly to Apple. On receiving a request from an authorized service company, Apple removes your mobile from the database of locked mobiles.

Once this is done, you would be able to use your mobile again with a different service provider. Unlocked iPhone’s can make your phone fetch you a better value when you perhaps decide to sell it and go for a newer version of the iPhone in the future. Besides this, there could be a lot of other benefits to unlocking your iPhone:

  • You do not have to jailbreak and meddle with your iPhone iOS firmware. So your warranty still remains valid
  • If you are traveling you could switch to a different carrier and avoid roaming charges
  • Servicing unlocked phones are also less expensive
  • An unlocked phone allows you to easily change your mobile number as and when you might need to.

What to look for when you choose an iPhone factory unlocking service company?

  • Service warranty- should you face any issue while getting your phone unlocked, the company should be able to provide the necessary resolution on time.
  • Timely response- look for a company that offers prompt response to customer queries
  • Sometimes if your phone gets locked again due to some unprecedented reason, the company should be willing to help you sort out the issue.
  • Price for the service- there are a lot of companies that offer factory unlocking service. Look for one that offers the best value for money.
  • Factory iPhone unlocking directly by approaching Apple to get your number removed from the carrier database would not interfere with any of your phone’s data or settings.

Some companies would require you to download a specific software or jailbreak your phone to unlock it. But it is always better to rely on those that offer straightforward factory iPhone unlocking. Be it iPhone 7 unlocking or unlocking 6S plus iPhone or any other model, give the unlocking company your mobile’s IMEI number and the carrier with which your mobile is currently registered. This is all you have to do to get your iPhone unlocked.