Common Questions About Officially Unlocking An iPhone

When you decide to factory unlock your phone, you can use the phone with any network operator of your choice. Whether you have a phone locked to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile or any other carrier, you can unlock it and switch the network operator. Despite the popularity of this process, numerous iPhone users are still reluctant. It is generally considered as a task for geeks. Common people curse the network operators and continue to use the iPhone under contract. It is possible for everyone to remove the SIM-lock and it is best to understand the process completely.

Is it legal to unlock the iPhone 6?

There are lot of myths surrounding unlocking and the most common myth is that it is illegal. While you have to purchase an iPhone at subsidized rate from a contract network operator, it is not illegal to unlock the phone. Once you purchase the phone, it belongs to you and you can do anything you want with it. Factory unlocked phones are expensive and so, it makes perfect sense when you want to know how to unlock iPhone 6 to free your locked phone. According to the Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, network operators are required to unlock iPhone’s 6S when the consumer requests unlocking. However, the carriers will only unlock your 6 plus phone if you have completed the contract period in good standing. Third party services have no restrictions and they can legally unlock your device.

Is it difficult to unlock iPhone?

It is not difficult as long as you choose the right method. Factory unlocking all models and firmware is the easiest and safest method. Third party unlocking providers are able to unlock the phone by simply adding the IMEI numbers of the phone to the SIM Unlocked database maintained by Apple. Essentially, all the work is done by the unlocking provider and you don’t have to do anything on your part. After providing the IMEI number, you simply have to wait for confirmation. Then, you have to connect your iPhone 6 to iTunes and complete the restore process.

Is it expensive to unlock iPhone?

Unlocked phones are expensive and you have to pay anywhere from $800 depending on the model of the phone. On the other hand, locked phones are available for less than $200, but you have to accept the two year contract period. In this regard, it is rather cheap compared to the price of factory phone. You can purchase the locked phone and unlock it spending a few hundred dollars. The total cost will be less than what you have to pay for factory unlocked phones. You need to find a reputable provider with service guarantee. This will help you to unlock your iPhone 6S+ without worrying about the huge cost.

Everyone can remove the SIM card restrictions with a trusted and licensed services such as It takes only a few hours to complete the process and have a better resale value. There is no need to stay away from the service as it is completely safe, legal and permanent.