Common Questions About Unlocking The iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Many iPhone users initially got their devices from some particular cellular phone company, but want to change providers after a while. So, they buy a new SIM card, slot it into the phone and…no connection! You will either simply not see any network signal or an error message that goes something like “SIM card not recognized.” This usually doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with either the SIM card or your precious iPhone, but simply that your phone has been “locked” to one particular network.

What Is Unlocking?

There are various ways to unlock an iPhone, but the goal of all of them is to allow you to use any SIM card from any network operator, even abroad, and access their network. Of course, not all networks are equal, so if you’re used to 4G and travel to a country where only GPRS is supported, you will not experience the same functionality.

What Are the Reasons for Unlocking My iPhone 7?

Users want to unlock their iPhones for any of a number of reasons. Your contract with your current service provider might have run out and you wish to change companies. You might want to sell your phone to upgrade to a new one, and unlocked iPhones fetch a higher price than those locked to a particular network. You might be going on holiday but avoid high international roaming charges while still staying in touch. In every case, it is all about being able to use your iPhone on a cellular network of your choice.

What Is the Difference Between Unlocking and Jailbreaking?

In short, jailbreaking is installing software from the internet in order to get access to hidden functionality on your iPhone, be able to use apps that aren’t available in the App Store, and also use whatever SIM card you like.

Unlocking, and in particular factory unlocking, refers only to removing the restriction blocking you from accessing alternative cell networks.

So, Isn’t Jailbreaking Better Then?

For most iPhone users, the answer is definitely “no”. Jailbreaking means that you are hacking Apple’s iOS system to gain access to files users are normally not allowed to alter. Apple technicians will generally refuse to repair a phone if they can see that it has been jailbroken, which they might even if you’ve chosen the “Restore Factory Settings” option available from the menu. Jailbreaking often results in faults which are difficult to track down and rectify, and in any case is a contravention of Apple’s end user license agreement, so attempting a jailbreak pretty much cuts off tech support for that device.

On the other hand, a jailbroken phone allows the user to install apps available from non-Apple sources such as Cydia and Icy. These apps may also cause your phone to behave strangely, but in many cases there aren’t equivalent products available on the official App Store.

Are There Better and Worse Ways to Unlock an iPhone 7?

Definitely. Several websites offer software, for a fee, which they claim will unlock your iPhone, but this is actually a kind of jailbreaking which bypasses iOS’s safeguards in order to alter protected data. In exactly the same way as jailbreaking, this can instantly end your warranty and cause your phone to develop bugs, or kill it permanently. Apple has warned that downloading their own software updates can cause strange behavior on jailbroken or software-updated phones, and there is even talk that this is a deliberate step to curb jailbreaking.

Then What’s the Good Way to Unlock my Phone?

A factory unlock, or IMEI unlock, is supported by Apple and won’t void your warranty. It is also permanent and without any risk of tangling up your operating system.

How Do I Obtain a Factory Unlock?

Factory unlocking your phone is the result of communication between Apple and your cell service provider. Usually, an email or call to your phone company’s customer service is all that’s required, but since the service provider is losing your business anyway, they aren’t likely to devote huge resources to helping you leave.

Fortunately, there are a number of factory unlocking services available on the internet, although you should be careful who you trust. Unlock iPhone Den is a good choice among several others. These companies work with cellular companies and Apple to speed the process along – all you have to do is pay a reasonable amount and supply them with your IMEI number, and they will take care of the rest.

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Unlocking The Possibilities Of Your iPhone 7 Plus

With great performance, decent battery life, (optionally) huge storage and a camera to die for, the iPhone 7 Plus is a fantastic tool for those who can afford it. At the same time, with such a wealth of features, some less serious users might have trouble learning how to get the most out of this great phone. If you are the kind of person who thinks reading the manual is for other people, we’ve collected some of the most useful features for those migrating from older models.

Getting to Grips With the Interface

People that are used to using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S will notice a couple of changes. Firstly, there’s no Home button which has been replaced by a capacitive sensor. Thanks to the Taptic Engine it lets your fingertip know when it’s been activated. You can actually change this sensation by navigating to Settings, General, Home Button and select your favorite feel from the three options.

Also like anything electronic, when things occasionally go haywire it’s time for a hard reset. You would normally use the Home button for this too; instead, hold down the power button on the right-hand edge while keeping the Volume Down button on the opposite side pressed as well. You’ll soon see the Apple logo appear and things should work perfectly once more.

This is certainly the phone for those who like their happy snaps, but the little camera icon on the lock screen you would have used to quickly activate shooting is also missing. Don’t worry, just swipe to the left on the lock screen to open the camera. The Control Center is far more useful in this model. Simply drag upwards from the bottom of the screen to quickly open some of the functions you use most often: Wi-Fi, AirDrop, AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity plus some of the most frequently used apps.

Factory Unlocking your iPhone 7 Plus

You might have purchased your device from a cellular service operator instead of an Apple store and be regretting it already. The main difference is that a phone supplied by a network is typically tied to only that network while you can put any SIM card in one bought directly from Apple and expect it to work fine. On the other hand you might have found out too late that your chosen provider offers indifferent customer service, poor coverage, and actually ends up charging you much more than the “headline” price they mention on their ads.

The bad news is that the contract you signed with them (you read through that thing, didn’t you?) often doesn’t allow you to unlock your phone before the contract period has expired which is typically twelve to twenty-four months. In this case since the factory unlocking process has to go through the service provider you may be out of luck as far as switching networks goes. However it rarely hurts to ask and a number of companies work with cellular network operators and Apple itself to provide easy, affordable unlocking services. There are quite a few suspicious websites out there so use your discretion but certain enterprises have a good track record and will be quite upfront about what they can and cannot do. is a good place to learn about unlocking and typically answer queries in a timely fashion. These companies will register your phone’s unique IMEI number on Apple’s own database as being unlocked, after which you can use any SIM card you like. This will save you a significant amount of money especially if you plan to use your iPhone abroad.

Some Convenient and Time-Saving Features

If you’ve typed part of a text message but decide to start over completely you can tap the backspace button a hundred times or so…or you can just quickly shake the phone to discard all the text you’ve entered. There’s a confirmation step involved so you won’t do this accidentally.

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to check for notifications every five minutes there’s an easy way to set your phone to let you know from across the room with a flashing light. Simply go to the Settings menu, then General and Accessibility. You’ll find the LED Flash for Alerts option and never miss an urgent notification again.

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Getting the most out of your iPhone

The brand-new iPhone 7 plus is easily the most desired smart phone on the market today, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Packing a tremendous amount of power into the kind of beautiful industrial design Apple has become known for, this is one of the smartest smart phones money can buy – and there’s only really one drawback. Buying it for anything less than almost $800 requires you to lock yourself into a sky-high contract with a single cellular carrier. Well, at least that used to be true – but it isn’t any longer.

Today you’re going to be able to unlock your brand-new iPhone 7+ and use it on ANY carrier you like, opening up a tremendous amount of benefits that really transform an already incredible device into something really, really special.

Never worry about contracts ever again

The iPhone directly from Apple is expensive enough on its own, but when you add in skyhigh mobile plans, data plans, international plans command all of the fees and taxes that wireless carriers squeeze out of their customers it becomes almost ridiculously and prohibitively expensive.

Unlocking that device changes everything.

You’ll still be able to use your exact same iPhone and your exact same number on ANY carrier around the world, and best of all you won’t have to lock yourself into expensive contracts any longer. This is the kind of freedom all consumers have been looking for forever.

Reduce the likelihood of getting hacked

It is critical to note that there is a world of difference between unlocking your device through your wireless carrier or by using a third-party service and jailbreaking your device with illegal software, and you have to be 100% sure that you are only unlocking your device and NOT jailbreaking it if you want to avoid a mountain of headache and hassle. Unlocking is completely legal (and even encouraged thanks to new legislation in the United States), whereas jailbreaking opens you up to the potential of getting hacked, the potential for your personal, private, and payment information to be stolen without you even realizing it, and even the potential to brick your device and make it one of the present useless from here on out. Unlock – DON’T jailbreak – your iPhone.

You’ll be able to use your iPhone 7+ around the world

As we touched upon above, there is tremendous freedom in never again having to spend $40 or more every single month on top of whatever it is you were paying for cellular service just to take your iPhone overseas. When you unlock your phone you can push any simple art into the device you can buy any SIM card at any point in time and begin using that cellular network without restriction. It really doesn’t get much better at and that.

You can sell your unlocked iPhone 7+ for a real premium

Right now, unlocked iPhone 7S devices are selling for twice as much as secondhand devices that haven’t been unlocked yet – giving you the opportunity to get quite a bit of extra cash out of your purchase when it comes time for you to upgrade.

Who would have ever thought unlocking your phone would end up being a really savvy investment?

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