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Our Refund Policy And Terms Of Service

Our refund policy is very clear: If we are unable to unlock your iPhone then you will automatically receive a full refund on your purchase. We do not hide our policy in fine print like most of our competitors. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us

Order Refunding Conditions

Unlocking suppliers DO NOT provide refunds in these scenarios:

Terms Of Service

  1. YOUR ORDER CAN'T BE CANCELLED OR CHANGED. Our system automatically sends your order information to our suppliers and we can't change anything!
  2. If you have any complaints about your order or not receiving your order, then you MUST contact us immediately and allow us 7 business days to rectify the issue. If you open a dispute on your payment without giving us this basic courtesy then do not expect us to work with you!
  3. The ESTIMATION timeframe is ONLY an "average" timespan for orders on that network and is NOT a guaranteed delivery timeframe. We do not have any control of your order once we submit it to our suppliers so please do not ask for refunds if your order takes longer than the estimated timeframe.
  4. Understand that your iPhone can always be locked again if you fail to pay your bill or other unforseen circumstances. If your iPhone becomes locked for whatever reason, please understand that WE ARE NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. It sometimes happens which is why we offer a 5 Year Warranty.
  5. We ONLY provide unlocking service. We are NOT responsible if your unlocked iPhone isn't compatible with the network you want to use! Please research ahead of time or talk to your desired network company first!
  6. 5 Year Unlock Warranty: Selecting this option will grant you FREE unlocking for 5 years if your iPhone becomes locked again. We have created this warranty program due to high customer demand. The only caveat to the warranty is that it only applies to the iPhone that we unlocked. Other than that you are covered for 5 years. We STRONGLY Recommend this warranty!