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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

Here are the most commonly asked questions by our customers. If your question is not answered then feel free to contact customer support.

I don't see my network listed on your website!

If you do not see your cell phone company in the network drop-down list, then unfortunately that means we cannot unlock it at this time. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US ASKING ABOUT YOUR NETWORK!

What methods of payment are available?

We use PayPal to securely process your payment with either a PayPal acccount or a credit card. After selecting the current network options and entering your IMEI number on the following page, a PayPal login screen will allow you to either use your PayPal account to purchase or to simply use a credit card by clicking the "buy as a guest" link on the page.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

We pride ourselves for operating an honest, trustworthy business from start to finish, which explains why most of our customers are referred to us by past customers. We offer a "no questions asked" 100% money-back guarantee on EVERY order we receive. This is what seperates us from other websites. Read their fine print and you will see that if they can't unlock your phone then they STILL get to keep some of your money!

What if my iPhone get's re-locked? What does the 5 year warranty mean?

Selecting this option will grant you FREE unlocking for 5 years if your iPhone becomes locked again for any reason. Re-Locking your iPhone is not common but we see it happening all the time! Due to customer demand, we've created this warranty program to calm any fear of becoming locked again. We STRONGLY Recommend this warranty!

What is the difference between URGENT and NORMAL Processing Times?

Selecting the URGENT option when ordering can dramatically increase the processing time of your order. The URGENT processing makes your order a priority and if you are in a time crunch then you should choose this option for an extra $5 charge.

Do I need any SIM card to unlock my iPhone?

No, you do not need any sim card to unlock your iPhone! We can unlock it with or without a SIM card!

Can I Unlocked a Blocked/Barred/Blacklisted/STOLEN iPhone?

The answer depends.... A phone that is "blocked" or "barred" or "stolen" is a phone that the network has basically banned from using their cell phone service. A phone can be banned for many reasons including non-payment of past bills or being reported as stolen. Most owners of blocked/barred phones are fully aware that it is banned. If a phone is banned then the only way it can be unlocked is if we have a specific blocked service for that network and if you see a "blocked" option on our order form then that is required to unlock that phone. If we do not have that option for the phone's network then IT CANNOT BE UNLOCKED. If an orders is placed with a phone that has been banned, and the network unlock that was ordered is NOT a "blocked" option then the order will fail and you will NOT be refunded for the order. This is not our policy but the policy of the suppliers. We do not get refunded for submitting blocked phones for a non-blocked network unlocking service which is why we therefore cannot refund you for doing so.
To find out if we offer a blocked unlocking service for your cellular network, simply go to our website, and look for the network that the iPhone last operated on. If you see the word "blocked" next to the network, then selecting that option is required for those devices. If you do NOT see any "blocked" option next to your network, then chances are we cannot unlock it!

Which firmware can be unlocked?

ALL firmware versions can be unlocked. It makes no difference what your firmware version is because this is a FACTORY unlock and nothing from your phone is changed.

How long does it take to unlock?

Every cell phone company has different processing times. Once you select your network and model on the order page, click the "Check Price" button to see the price and Processing time frame for that particular service along with the price and other details.

After unlocking my iPhone, will it work on my desired network?

We cannot tell you which networks your iPhone will be able to operate on after it is unlocked, as it depends on various factors including whether your previous and desired network are the same GSM or CDMA frequency. There are plenty of online forums discussing which networks are compatible with unlocked iPhones.

What makes UnlockiPhoneDen.com any different than others?

There are many reasons why we are different than our competitors. For one, the majority of our competitors ONLY WORK DURING BUSINESS HOURS. This is ridiculous to us. Our staff is processing your order 24/7 every day of the week, even on all holidays. Secondly, we do not operate scams like so many other websites. This industry is littered with scams and an honest business like ours sticks out from the pack. Also, we do not have any hidden charges like so many others. What you see is what you get!

What does unlocking exactly mean?

Unlocking a cell phone is the process by which you remove the "lock" on the sim card in that phone. The lock is placed there by cell phone manufacturers so that the phone will only operate with their cellular network service. By removing this lock, your iphone Mobile phone will be able to connect to any network of your choosing. iphone Unlocking has so many benefits which is why the process is very popular among iphone users.

Can You Unlock an iPhone that is locked by the iCloud Activation Block?

NO! And any company that claims to sell this should not be trusted. There are alot of scams out there who sell this fake service so stay away!

Does Unlocking my iPhone change settings, pictures, data, etc?

If you order iPhone unlocking from other companies, you will need to install bad software and jailbreak it which is very risky. However, our service doesn't require any modifications to your phone at all. Nothing is changed on your iPhone and everything stays perfectly safe as before. iPhone settings aren't even changed :)

My iPhone doesn't have a slot for SIM Cards - can it be unlocked?

NO it cannot be unlocked. Only iPhone's that can accept a SIM card can be unlocked!

What kind of unlocking service do you provide?

The wonderful thing about our service compared to competitor services, is that we provide the only IMEI-based unlock that is also 100% permanent without exceptions! This means no jailbreaking is required and you do NOT void any existing warranty.

Is it legal to Unlock iphone Phones?

Yes, it is 100% legal in to unlock your iphone - BUT ONLY BY OUR METHOD... Some countries have laws against using software to "hack" a mobile device, which is why other sites who offer to unlock your iphone might be violating your countries laws. However, Unlock iphone's method is 100% legal, everywhere.

How does the unlocking procedure work?

It's extremely easy to unlock your handset with us. After placing your order there is nothing to do except wait for an email confirming the success of your unlock. Inside the email will have a quick 3 step process to complete the unlocking. The process just involves you connecting your iPhone to iTunes and restarting it after it's updated. Thats it!

Can I unlock if I am still in contract?

The simple answer is YES you can still unlock any iPhone in contract. However, you MUST understand that we have heard of some cases where a network provider re-locked the iPhone after it was unlocked because it was still in contract or was being financed. That is completely out of our control but it is also why we offer the 5 year warranty for a small fee!

Can You Unlock an UN-Activated iPhone?

NO. Your iPhone MUST already be activated before anyone can unlock it

Are you a scam like so many others?

ABSOLUTELY NOT - our 2,000,000 satisfied customers would also agree with us! Unfortunately, this market is frowned upon because of the amount of scams that take place from rogue websites that come and go overnight. This is because they all sell "instant" unlocking/jailbreaking software that is claimed to be an amazing solution used by many. Unfortunately the software is simply repackaged hacker software that not only doesn't ever work, but will potentially break your phone for good. We don't sell any software and there is nothing to download. You simply send us your IMEI number and we whitelist it in Apple's database so that any SIM card you put in your phone will fully operate with Apple's blessing as well.

What is an IMEI number?

Each mobile phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI number. It's basically the serial number of the iphone phone. It is usually found on the sticker inside the battery compartment or back of the phone. It can also be displayed on your phone by entering *#06# into the keypad. The IMEI number is what you need to provide us after placing your order because it is how we are able to find your iphone phone's unlock codes.

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